Me and Juliân congratulated for his Best In Show and Best of Best at Hansakatten in 2005

and Ingrid Kyrkjeeide with BOX Boberan's Nautica, owner Espen Eilertsen

Many red cats in the competition for BIV at the same show. It was Bente Gundersen ( in the middle here)

with hers and Jannikke Orø's red male that got th BIV total.His name is Sumava's Challenger ( from Spain)

Me with one of my silver white boys, Misty B.B King - a few years back when he won BIS 6-10 months.


Below is some photos from the COY 2001 Award show held in 2002 at Sunmørskatten.

Here I am at the COY '01 Award , held at Sunnmørskatten in 2002.

I receved many very nice gifts for Best Breeder in 2001.  On my right side is Johnny Skjølås, President of NRR

And even more to celebrate that year as our black boy EC Du Monet Juliân NFS, DSM was Cat of The Year # 1 in 2001.

And this is his breeder and co-owner holding Cat of the Year #2 that year, his older sister

EC Du Monet Trêsor NFS, a tortie

Jannikke and me with our two Du Monet cats and COY winners!

Best Neuter that year was Johnny Skjølås own breed, EC Stargate Spotted Moon.

Number #2 was Du Monet Sun Dancer, father of Juliân and Trêsor above.


Below, some old photos 5 - 6 years ago:

Du Monet Juliêtte,  littersister of Juliân

Mai Thomsen with her red boy Divines..., and me with my red boy Du Monet Lacoste

Waiting for the Best in varierity ( it went to Julian)

Lacoste having a walk in the showhall

Me with Lacostes daugther

Elisabeth and her daugther with Misty Lollipop at Hansakatten some years back.

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