Another page of showphotos. all photos are from the latest 6-7 years back

My beautiful red babyboy Misty Orange Blossom Speciale won BEST of BEST a few years back (in 2003)

Me with my beloved calico van girl Misty I'll Take Vanhatten

At Sunnmørskatten in 2002 with the "gang" we are all from Bergen!

From left, Bjarte Birkeland, then Jannikke Orø, me, Øyvind Hansen, and Arvid Kausland

In 2005 at Hansakatten, our beautiful boy EC Du Monet Juliân NFS, DSM got yet another BEST of BEST title!

A few year back, in a ringshow in Gothenburg, Du Monet Julian NFS become BEST OVERALL PER/EXO!,

On the right you can see his father EC/EP Du Monet Sun Dancer, he was BEST NEUTER!!

Here they are, all the Best cats in the last competition against the Best overall Title, Juliân on the left, then a beautiful youngster

from Ormeryd, her name is Kim, and then a beautiful baby from Eddore, named Vintage Jeans, and last Sun Dancer again.

Here I stand with Juliàns many ribbons and gifts from this weekend:-)

Here he won the first ring- Lee Selassa is judging.

And number one also in Veikko Sarelas ring

Me at a show last year- 2005 with Misty Toto who become BIS 6-10 mon.

Breeder of my red girl, Jannikke is very happy when Du Monet Donna Karan won Best In Show on her very first show!

One of my tortiesmokes on a show in 2003

2 Best cats, Misty Maxime and Misty Orange Blossom Speciale also BOB

Blossom again- showing his wonderful expression!

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