In loving memorie ......


(N) Du Monet Lily-Of-The-Valley,  cew,

Sire: Ch. (N) Du Monet Red Jeans, red x (N) Du Monet "Sensation" NFS, cew 




(N) Uno Dark Secred, black

Sire: EC SW'04 E*Sumava's Challenger DSM, red, x Dam: Du Monet Temptation, tortie


(N) Misty Jewel In The Crown, silver tortie tabby bicolor

Sire: (N) Misty Champagne On Ice, red smoke white x  Dam: (N) Misty Jewel Box, calico silver tabby hq



(N) Brusvehagen White Christmas JW - white male



In loving memorie ......

Me and Juličtte with one of her many Best Of Best Wins

Neuter of the Year 2006

Photographed by Kongro

Scandinavian Winner Show in 2006 - Juliętte was Nominated for BIS


Juliętte Best of Best Winner at Hansakatten in 2006 - she become BEST NEUTER of THE YEAR #1 the same year

and also Cat of the Year Senior #1


In loving memorie ......

EC (N) Du Monet Julian NFS, DSM - Cat of the Year # 1 for the 2th time!


Best of Best!!

Julian, and Alva Uddin with one of Juliŕns many Best of Best wins!


Best of Best again!


my beautiful angel Julian - dressed like the angel he ařlways was:-)

He have some merits behind him :

Cat Of The Year '01 & 05

EC Du Monet Juliân NFS, DSM, black

*Cat of The Year in Norway# 1 - Adult 2005- Cat I*

* Cat of the Year in Norway #1 - 2001 - Cat I*

*Cat Of The Year  in Norway #2-2004 - Cat I*

*Cat of The Year in Hansakatten  # 1 -2004 - Cat I

Distinguished Show Merit 17 september 2005

SIRE: COY *98 NOY*00 EC/EP (N) Du Monet Sun Dancer , red x DAM: GIC (N) Du Monet Indiana 500, black

Tested negative by ultrasound &  DNA

Click here to see some of his offsprings!!

Julian passed away in the summer of was heartbreaking, so sad, .... "and mommy still miss you everyday my little angel."


In loving memorie ......

Heaven Sent See U Later Alligator, black-white male, Best In Show winner


In loving memorie ......

IC (N)Mushanga Mr. Boombastic, black male

Father of many,many beautiful offsprings. I am very greatful to have had this boy in my home and in my breedingprogram for many years!

Bombom we will miss you!